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Welcome to TVRDb - the ultimate source for UK radio and television listings from 1922-1999.
The first regular broadcasts from London began on the evening of Tuesday, 14th November 1922, when the British Broadcasting Company launched its first radio station. From its humble beginnings in Savoy Hill, broadcasting from London has continued on a daily basis, ever since.

Experimental television broadcasting began in 1929, but it wasn't until after World War II had ended that uninterrupted daily television programmes finally commenced. BBC tv has broadcast from London every day since Friday, 7th June 1946.

What programmes did we listen to and watch during the 28,172 days of continuous 20th century broadcasting?

TVRDb.com intends to answer that question. Our aim is to add details of every single programme ever broadcast to London during the last century!

A mammoth task - which is why we need YOUR help. The only way we can input 78 years worth of listings within a reasonable time frame is by crowdsourcing. With just a few thousand contributors our goal could be accomplished in a few months!

Once completed you will be able to search our database by date or keyword and instantly find the information you need on all related TV and radio programmes that were broadcast in the London area.

The resources required for accessing the required data and inputting it into our database can be found in the Members area. Click on Lord Kitchener above to join our group and find out more...

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