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Ben Rigsby
Kevin Larkin
Gemma Bowden
Daniel Webb

Other members who have made corrections or added listings: Sean, Christopher Williams, Robert Piercy, Damien, Wayne Garnett, Brendan Gardiner, Leigh Kent, Paul Strudwick, Paul McGrath, Jeremy Phillips, Stephen Burns, Damien Kelly, Kevin Flynn, Geraint, Dave Humphries, Alan Collins, Justin Bevan, Brendan Gardiner, Tim Ripley, Paul K Hudson, Alexei Dickinson, Tim Morris, Stewart Scott, Simon Dutton, MSR, Luke Allen, Glam King, Alan Baker, Jeff Lewis, Ash Sowerby, Mike Hammer, David, Mark Jones, Ed, Robert Fearn, Reece Jon Lloyd, Jeremy Phillips, Dominic Small, Amanda Adlem, Gary Roberts, John Moran, Matthew Leo, Adam Rosser, Anon, Christopher, Paul, Weary, Steve Gordon, Mark Roberts, Ben Wesley, David Christie, Stewart Wareham, Nathan, Victor Field, Tom Ellis, Weirdbeard, Barry Edward Lunt, Janet Harrison, Robbie, William Dods, Hello, Robert Michael Fearn

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