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The Top 100 Lost TV Shows

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, someone decided to not keep all the television programmes ever made. After a while, people realised this was a mistake, and some jolly good programmes were now lost forever. Or were they? Enterprising people began to give up their free time to find lost TV footage. And a lot was found. But much remained to be done. But when asked, most people in the street didn't know what was a missing programme or indeed if they had one, so Ray Langstone decided to put together a list of the Top 100 Lost TV programmes. He asked many people via social media and also academics and industry professionals and they gave him their wish lists. Kaleidoscope thought that Ray Langstone deserved every support so they took it upon themselves to offer him logistical support with an accompanying book, a website that could tell people if shows were missing, and a workshop to convert the old tapes.

This is Ray's wonderful effort. Let's hope it helps find some lost material:

# Show Distributor Genre First broadcast
66Dee Time/The Simon Dee ShowBBC/LWTChat show1967
76Time for Blackburn!SouthernChat show1968
64A Show Called Fred/Son of FredRediffusionComedy1956
20Till Death Us Do PartBBCComedy1966
21At Last the 1948 ShowRediffusionComedy1967
63The Complete and Utter History of BritainLWTComedy1969
85Our HouseABCComedy1960
84Twice a FortnightBBCComedy1967
82The Frost ReportBBCComedy1966
35The Gnomes of DulwichBBCComedy1969
37On the MarginBBCComedy1966
48Taxi! (Sid James)BBCComedy1963
72Broaden Your MindBBCComedy1968
57The Liver BirdsBBCComedy1969
19Do Not Adjust Your SetRediffusion/ThamesComedy1967
17The Likely LadsBBCComedy1964
96The Dick Emery ShowBBCComedy1963
13Hancock's Half-HourBBCComedy1956
55Scott on... (Terry Scott)BBCComedy1964
9Not Only... But AlsoBBCComedy1965
10Dad's ArmyBBCComedy1968
51The World of WoosterBBCComedy1965
77Scene at 6:30GranadaCurrent Affairs1963
61BBC Moon Landing CoverageBBCCurrent Affairs1969
97TodayThamesCurrent Affairs1968
80Out of TownSouthernDocumentary1963
42Hunter's WalkATVDrama1973
78Late Night HorrorBBCDrama1968
44The Madhouse on Castle StreetBBCDrama1963
62Paul TempleBBCDrama1969
45No Hiding PlaceRediffusionDrama1959
8Public EyeABC/ThamesDrama1965
54Police SurgeonABCDrama1960
3The AvengersABCDrama1961
47Play for TodayBBCDrama1970
50Dr. Finlay's CasebookBBCDrama1962
79Sexton BlakeRediffusion/ThamesDrama1967
40Softly, SoftlyBBCDrama1966
90Theatre 625BBCDrama1964
15Z CarsBBCDrama1962
14Adam Adamant Lives!BBCDrama1966
22Mystery and ImaginationABC/ThamesDrama1966
23Dixon of Dock GreenBBCDrama1955
26Sherlock Holmes (Peter Cushing)BBCDrama1968
28The Road (Nigel Kneale)BBCDrama1963
92The Adventures of Don QuickLWTDrama1970
89C.A.T.S. EyesTVSDrama1985
31Armchair TheatreABC/ThamesDrama1956
36The Wednesday PlayBBCDrama1964
95The InformerRediffusionDrama1966
56Celebrity SquaresATVGame Show1975
39The Golden ShotATVGame Show1967
65Fraggle RockTVSKids1984
87Multi-Coloured Swap ShopBBCKids1976
98Play AwayBBCKids1971
43The Adventures of TwizzleRediffusionKids1957
6Ace of WandsThamesKids1970
49The Adventure GameBBCKids1980
88Little Big TimeSouthernKids1968
33Juke Box JuryBBCMusic1959
83Boy Meets GirlsABCMusic1959
30Disco 2BBCMusic1970
25Colour Me PopBBCMusic1968
18Lift OffGranadaMusic1969
16Ready, Steady, Go!RediffusionMusic1963
2Top of the PopsBBCMusic1964
60Oh Boy!ABCMusic1958
67A Whole Scene GoingBBCMusic1966
71The Beat RoomBBCMusic1964
5845/Rock on with 45GranadaMusic1974
12A for AndromedaBBCSci-Fi1961
11The Quatermass ExperimentBBCSci-Fi1953
4Out of the UnknownBBCSci-Fi1965
59Timeslip - in colour!ATVSci-Fi1970
1Doctor WhoBBCSci-Fi1963
27Out of This WorldABCSci-Fi1962
73The Big PullBBCSci-Fi1962
70The NewcomersBBCSoap1965
99Cliff Richard showsBBCVariety1969
75Sunday Night at the London PalladiumATVVariety1955
68Cilla showsBBCVariety1968
93Lulu showsBBCVariety1968
29Thank Your Lucky StarsABCVariety1961
53David Frost's Moon PartyLWTVariety1969
100Opportunity KnocksABC/ThamesVariety1956


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