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15 shows were hosted by Andy Peebles:

# Broadcast Host Duration Status
1067Thu 20 Sep 1984Andy Peebles, Steve Wright40 minsMaster
1062Thu 16 Aug 1984Andy Peebles, Steve Wright35 minsMaster
1055Thu 28 Jun 1984Andy Peebles, Steve Wright40 minsMaster
1043Thu 29 Mar 1984Andy Peebles, Mike Read35 minsMaster
1029Sun 25 Dec 1983Simon Bates, Janice Long, Andy Peebles, Mike Smith60 minsMaster
1019Thu 20 Oct 1983Janice Long, Andy Peebles40 minsMaster
1013Thu 8 Sep 1983Andy Peebles, Peter Powell35 minsMaster
1005Thu 14 Jul 1983Andy Peebles, Peter Powell35 minsMaster
995Thu 5 May 1983The Radio 1 DJ's [Richard Skinner, David Jacobs, Jimmy Savile, Peter Powell, Simon Bates, Andy Peebles, Janice Long, Tommy Vance, Dave Lee Travis, Noel Edmonds, Steve Wright, Tony Blackburn, David Jensen, John Peel, Jonathan King, Paul Gambaccini, Mike Read, Gary Davies, Pat Sharp, Mike Smith]50 minsExtract
992Thu 14 Apr 1983Gary Davies, Andy Peebles35 minsMaster
985Thu 24 Feb 1983Andy Peebles, Dave Lee Travis35 minsMaster
976Sat 25 Dec 1982John Peel, Dave Lee Travis, Peter Powell, Mike Read, Andy Peebles, Steve Wright, Tommy Vance, Mike Smith, Richard Skinner60 minsMaster
963Thu 30 Sep 1982The Radio 1 DJ's [David Jensen, John Peel, Tony Blackburn, Andy Peebles, Dave Lee Travis, Jonathan King, Jimmy Savile, Richard Skinner, Peter Powell, Paul Burnett, Paul Gambaccini, Mike Read, Steve Wright, Annie Nightingale, Tommy Vance, Alexis Korner, Adrian Juste, Adrian John, Simon Bates, Mike Smith]30 minsMaster
923Fri 25 Dec 1981The Radio 1 DJ's [Jimmy Savile, David Jensen, Tony Blackburn, John Peel, Dave Lee Travis, Adrian Juste, Simon Bates, Andy Peebles, Paul Burnett, Paul Gambaccini, Steve Wright, Peter Powell, Richard Skinner, Tommy Vance, Mike Read]60 minsMaster
815Thu 11 Oct 1979Andy Peebles35 minsMaster

Most of the info above is taken from the BBC TOTP database, as listed and updated on the Popscene forum, with additional info from One For The Dads and TV Brain.
Every effort has been made to ensure the data is as accurate as possible. Please let us know if you find any errors or omissions.


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