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Artists matching `Killing Joke`

5 original performances

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# Broadcast Artist Title Chart Peak Status
937Thu 25 Mar 1982Killing JokeEmpire Song43-Master
1089Thu 7 Feb 1985Killing JokeLove Like Blood3216Master
1090Thu 14 Feb 1985Killing JokeLove Like Blood2416Master
1571Thu 5 May 1994Killing JokeMillennium3434Master
1581Thu 14 Jul 1994Killing JokeThe Pandemonium Single2828Master

Most of the info above is taken from the BBC TOTP database, as listed and updated on the Popscene forum, with additional info from One For The Dads and TV Brain.
Every effort has been made to ensure the data is as accurate as possible. Please let us know if you find any errors or omissions.

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