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For many years now, families have gathered together on Christmas Day to enjoy Christmas lunch and Christmas telly.
Below you can find listings of every programme broadcast on British television on December 25th during the twentieth century.

  Christmas Day 1936   >>

The first ever Christmas Day television broadcast in the UK began at 3pm on Friday, 25th December 1936.
Back then, television was only broadcasting for two hours a day, 3pm-4pm in the afternoon and 9pm-10pm in the evening.

followed by The Christmas Turkey.
A Demonstration of Carving by B. J. HULBERT
15.15News Reel
15.25A Lonely Christmas in the Arctic
When that famous explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton died at sea in 1922 his son was a schoolboy. Today, Edward Shackleton, a young man still, is earning a name for himself in the same sphere as his father. In 1932 he went to Sarawak with the Oxford University Expedition and in 1934 he organised and accompanied the Oxford University Expedition to Ellesmere Island in the Arctic. He gave his first radio talk early this year, and since then he has come to the microphone several times to describe some of his experiences.
15.30Picture Page
(Fourteenth Edition)
Christmas Number
A Magazine Programme of Topical and General Interest
Devised and Edited by CECIL MADDEN
Produced by G. MORE O'FERRALL
The Switchboard Girl: JOAN MILLER
21.00Christmas Carols
THE SINGING BOYS from St. Mary-of-the-Angels
Song School
Founder and Honorary President, the Rev. Desmond Morse-Boycott
Director of Music, Conrad Lewis
21.10A Seasonal Tour through the Empire
A film showing various parts of the Empire at this season, with a commentary written and spoken by CECIL LEWIS
Arranged by L. G. BARBROOK
21.20Some Unusual Christmases
by Commander A. B. CAMPBELL
21.30News Reel
21.35Television Party
Distinguished artists from the stage and screen will be the guests of the BBC. CECIL LEWIS will act as host
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Christmas Day 1936   >>

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